Last month KHON2 reported about a project to fix a road in Palolo that has been in various states of disrepair for years.

The ground is moving on Kuahea Street in Palolo, and as residents told us last month over the years it has taken a toll.

A project was supposed to begin this month to address the problems along the street, and hopefully address some residents concerns.

But it turns out residents are going to have to continue to wait for relief. The company contracted to do the $4.7 million work is in the process of filing for bankruptcy. So that means, work that was supposed to start this month is now on hold indefinitely.

According to the city there are safeguards in place when something like this happens, and according to city officials, For all construction projects the city requires companies to obtain a surety bond. The city is now working with the bond company, who will assume responsibility for the project.