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In today’s construction industry, becoming and remaining profitable means winning new jobs and protecting your company’s assets from unexpected events and potential losses. Give yourself, your employees, your subcontractors and vendors greater confidence with the proper bonds and insurance. Smith Insurance & Bonds has been supporting the construction industry for nearly a decade. We understand the bidding process, contracts and the effect they have on your bottom line.

Commercial Insurance

Your impenetrable protection against unexpected operational disruptions, jobsite accidents, property damage, professional liability and more

Surety Bonds

Surety bonds can make the difference between winning any project you want—or being disregarded from the start. Demonstrate that you are qualified to take on a job.

Get Underwritten and Approved

Whether you are a State Certified GC or a State Certified Subcontractor, Smith Insurance & Bonds and our expert underwriting reinforce your overall capabilities and competitive potential.

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