Your rock-solid foundation for winning new jobs—Surety Bonds

We bolster you with:

  • Bid bonds—to guarantee you will honor your bid and will sign all contract documents if awarded the job.
  • Performance bonds—to guarantee you will complete the contract according to its terms, including price and time.
  • Payment bonds—to guarantee your vendors, suppliers, and subcontracted parties will be fully reimbursed and paid the monies that they are due.

Rely on us for:

  • General liability
  • Commercial auto (fleet protection)
  • Workers’ compensation (on-the-job injuries)
  • Umbrella/excess liability
  • Commercial property

    Your impenetrable protection against loss—General Insurance

    In today’s construction industry, becoming and remaining profitable means winning new jobs and protecting your company’s assets from unexpected events and potential losses. Give yourself, your employees, your subcontractors, and vendors greater confidence with the proper bonds and insurance. Smith Insurance & Bonds has been supporting the construction industry for nearly a decade. We understand the bidding process, contracts, and the effect they have on your bottom line.




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