A bond is not an insurance policy. It is a guarantee. And it is the most competitive way to demonstrate that you are qualified to take on a job, fully capable of completing a project proficiently, and financially strong enough to pay all the necessary bills. Surety bonds are a vital component for winning the confidence of project owners, confirming you are indeed the best suited firm for the task. Whether you are a commercial contractor or a subcontractor, surety bonds and expert underwriting reinforce your overall capabilities and competitive potential.

At Smith Insurance & Bonds, we help you stand out to owners of commercial development projects with bid bonds, performance bonds and payment bonds. With surety bonds, you will:

  • Increase the size of jobs you qualify for
  • Eliminate personal indemnification of company owners and spouses
  • Demonstrate your company’s financial stability
  • Enhance your company’s reputation in the industry

Contract surety bonds block less qualified contractors and subcontractors from bypassing you and give you a rock-solid competitive edge.

Our  contractor and subcontractor bond specialists can clarify the types you need and what they should specify. Surety bonds can make the difference between winning any project you want—or being disregarded from the start.

Commercial surety includes surety bonds ranging from auto dealer bonds to financially responsible officer bonds and county license bonds. For the most part, any bond that is not used for construction or court proceedings is considered a commercial bond. Smith Insurance & Bonds assists businesses that are required to have a bond in order to operate their business legally under State of Florida or county guidelines.

Court bonds, including judicial and probate, are required in many court proceedings to ensure that a person is protected from possible loss as a result of the outcome of the proceeding. We provide aggressive rates for judicial and fiduciary bonds, and our responsive and knowledgeable surety bond staff assists with the process to obtain these bonds.

Smith Insurance & Bonds provides Florida-license surety bonds to those seeking a Florida commercial surety bond to fulfill a license requirement. Whether it is the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board requiring a Florida Contractors surety bond for a Division I or Division II applicant, or the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation requiring a $100,000 Florida Financially Responsible Officer surety bond, our experts assist you in moving your license process forward.




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